Ever wonder what your old
FINAL FANTASY XI friends from Vana'diel are up to?

The memories you created together
can never be forgotten.

Why not reunite with those adventurers
once more using the FFXI ReFriender system!

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Using the ReFriender
Here are the steps to re-friend! It's simple!

1Set Up Your Profile

Register your FFXI character details to the ReFriender. Set your current World and job information to help other adventurers find you easier.

2Search for Friends

The results will be displayed on screen, go through them and select the adventurers you know. You can also add search conditions as well.

3Set a Time to Meet in Vana'diel

A reunion will be made once both players confirm that they know each other. Then set a time and place to meet each other in Vana'diel!

4Reunite and Explore Vana'diel Together